Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic gold is mine

I did it! I finished my mittens last night. It was dicey at times and I had a set back on the first Wed. when I ripped back 15 rows because I was not happy with the gauge I was getting with my left hand. I was sure that I would not finish, but I really wanted to. I was determined to give it my all and try my best.  I had envisioned lots of pictures and updates to document my progress along the way, but the big frog of the first Wednesday left me behind so I became a dedicated knitter for the remainder of the Olympics. It was going to be a stretch for me to finish in the first place, but having to rip back gave me serious doubts about finishing at all. I had not one, but two (TWO!!) tv sets go dead on me during the Olympics, so I was also dealing with watching a smaller (then even smaller) set than normal, and sitting in spaces where I was not used to sitting and knitting (and also moving tvs around so I could watch at least something). Some sort of knitting miracle occured this weekend. I persevered, I made it! (and I love my mittens.) These aren't the best pictures, but they were taken after sewing up the last hem during the closing ceremonies! I need to block them, but they are done!

Olympic Mittens Completed!
Olympic Mittens Completed!
See - the Olympics are on the TV! - well, my mom's tv. I didn't want to watch at home on a crappy small tv and there was no way I was giving up knitting time to go and research/buy a new one. We were trying to get a shot with the cauldron, but this works well too.

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