Friday, January 29, 2010

Ravelympics - Deep in the Forest Mittens

Possible color combo #1The Yarn Harlot (google her, if you haven't been enlightened) had a fantastic idea of having an Olympic Knitting event during the last winter olympics in which knitters chose a project to knit that would be a personal challenge.  The project would be completed during the days the olympics were held. I was just new to knitting back then and had no idea of the large online presence knitters have and didn't hear of this idea until recently.  So for this year's olympics, I was all set to participate. I'm ready for a challenge! Ravelry (the best knitting resource online ever) has a similar idea called the Ravelympics. A project, to be knitted during the olympics, which is a challenge for the knitter. Fun!

Possble color combo #2
I'm participating and I've chosen my project - Deep in the Forest Mittens by truulia. (Click the link and check them out. They're pretty.) My yarn arrived last night (along with my first tiny Addi Turbo needles - size 0 and size 1). This will be my first time knitting mittens, my first stranded/colorwork project and my first time knitting with fingering wool. I've made a sort of schedule to stick to if I want to be finished in time. This will definately be a challenge for me. But - I really want these mittens and I'm motivated.  Even more so since I can't start now, and there's a deadline involved.  I'm getting excited!  I get to wind yarn and swatch this weekend so I know what needles to use, but I have to wait to cast on until Friday, Feb. 12th. The anticipation is building.

I'm trying to decide what yarn combination to choose. I think I'm also going to knit a daybreak and a hat that will go with the mittens.  They don't all have to match, but I want them to be a set that goes together (so they can match, or they can complement each other...I haven't decided yet.) What do you think? The gray/blue yarn will be the trees (I think), and I have to decide whether to use the white or the black as the background. Decisions! Luckily, I have some time (and some swatching) to help me decide.

Possible color combo #1Possible color combo #2

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